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On Thursday, May 12, 2016 7:44 PM, Jet’s Yahoo <jetdefensor@yahoo.com&gt; wrote:
Sis. Beth,

Below is the list of service team volunteers. Please let us know if they will be chosen on the service team:

1. Audrey Gacusan 
2. Teresa Ton
3. Lily Ussam
4. Kean Leong
5. Saul Cervantes
6. Joel Defensor
7. CJ Osmena (TBD)

God Bless,

Jet & Rubi Defensor
Area FM Servants

On May 11, 2016, at 12:24 AM, lorigenes@aol.com“>lorigenes@aol.com wrote:

In addition to below – please send us names of YFLs who you’d want to see serve at the conference. As the directors don’t know all the members, they will end up using their friends in NY and NJ so speak up now or forever hold your peace. We will meet with them this coming Friday so please email us by Thursday. 

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From: lorigenes <lorigenes@aol.com“>lorigenes@aol.com>
To: jetdefensor <jetdefensor@yahoo.com“>jetdefensor@yahoo.com>
Cc: letros2 <letros2@yahoo.com“>letros2@yahoo.com>; Etheluy <Etheluy@yahoo.com“>Etheluy@yahoo.com>; erbondad <erbondad@gmail.com“>erbondad@gmail.com>; brennankan <brennankan@yahoo.com“>brennankan@yahoo.com>; audricel2329 <audricel2329@yahoo.com“>audricel2329@yahoo.com>; christon8193 <christon8193@yahoo.com“>christon8193@yahoo.com>; radefensor <radefensor@yahoo.com“>radefensor@yahoo.com>; myson_kasimeer <myson_kasimeer@yahoo.com“>myson_kasimeer@yahoo.com>; ben_waga <ben_waga@aol.com“>ben_waga@aol.com>; gmdelarosa1227 <gmdelarosa1227@gmail.com“>gmdelarosa1227@gmail.com>; gacerezo <gacerezo@cox.net“>gacerezo@cox.net>
Sent: Tue, May 10, 2016 11:29 pm
Subject: Re: YFL Regional Conference Service Team

Hello all-

Apologies for getting the registration out to you this late. I know that you have been advertising the conference to your youth so thank you for this. Attached are the registration with waiver and medical forms, the Save the Date flyer (the visual team is still working on the final design for the flyer) and the conference prayer that we should all be praying nightly. I will forward to you the competition guidelines tomorrow. 

For the conference fee, we will have an early bird special – $165 thru May 31, After May 31, it’ll be $175. Please try to push your youth to submit their completed form with payment by June 18th as we need to provide the headcount to La Salette.

For the lodging, 80 participants will be staying at the La Salette Shrine and the spill over will be lodged at the Knights Inn nearby. The meals from Friday night thru Sunday lunch is included in the registration fee. 

The registration desk will be open at 10am and the sports. Please make sure that your youth will be fed for lunch as this will not be provided by the conference team.

This is it for now, let me just get these forms out of the way. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Bong and I. Our info is on the registration form.

Thanks and God bless,
Beth (& Bong Origenes)

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From: Jet’s Yahoo <jetdefensor@yahoo.com“>jetdefensor@yahoo.com>
To: Bong and Beth Origenes <lorigenes@aol.com“>lorigenes@aol.com>
Cc: Letty Rabang <letros2@yahoo.com“>letros2@yahoo.com>; Etheluy <Etheluy@yahoo.com“>Etheluy@yahoo.com>; Elaine Bondad <erbondad@gmail.com“>erbondad@gmail.com>; brennankan <brennankan@yahoo.com“>brennankan@yahoo.com>; Marycel Gacusan <audricel2329@yahoo.com“>audricel2329@yahoo.com>; christon8193 <christon8193@yahoo.com“>christon8193@yahoo.com>; Bong and Beth Origenes <lorigenes@aol.com“>lorigenes@aol.com>; Rubi Defensor <radefensor@yahoo.com“>radefensor@yahoo.com>; Myson Lucero <myson_kasimeer@yahoo.com“>myson_kasimeer@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, May 9, 2016 12:00 am
Subject: YFL Regional Conference Service Team

Sis. Beth,

Thank you for considering our youths to serve at the YFL Regional Conference. Please send us the conference flyer and sign-up forms. Below are the FM Servants of MD, VA and NC (copied here):


Jet Defensor – jetdefensor@yahoo.com“>jetdefensor@yahoo.com
Rubi Defensor – radefensor@y@yahoo.com“>y@yahoo.com


Letty & Cesar Rabang – letros2@yahoo.com“>letros2@yahoo.com
Marycel and Ricmar Gacusan- audricel2329@yahoo.com“>audricel2329@yahoo.com
Chris and Tong Ton – christon8193@yahoo.com“>christon8193@yahoo.com
Myson and Red Lucero myson_kasimeer@yahoo.com“>myson_kasimeer@yahoo.com


Jet Defensor – jetdefensor@yahoo.com“>jetdefensor@yahoo.com
Rubi Defensor – radefensor@y@yahoo.com“>y@yahoo.com


Letty Rabang – letros2@yahoo.com“>letros2@yahoo.com
Marycel Gacusan- audricel2329@yahoo.com“>audricel2329@yahoo.com
Chris Ton – christon8193@yahoo.com” id=”yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1463252806526_31389″>christon8193@yahoo.com


Ethel Uy – Etheluy@yahoo.com“>Etheluy@yahoo.com
Elaine Bondad – erbondad@gmail.com“>erbondad@gmail.com


Tim Brennan- brennankan@yahoo.com” id=”yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1463252806526_31388″>brennankan@yahoo.com

Ethel and Angel Uy – Etheluy@yahoo.com“>Etheluy@yahoo.com
Elaine and John Bondad – erbondad@gmail.com“>erbondad@gmail.com


Tim Brennan- brennankan@yahoo.com“>brennankan@yahoo.com

Best Regards,

Jet Defensor


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