TO All CFC-FFL NC from bro Tim:
See the Email below from Bro Noel / Maryland.
We in NC will have a Liturgical Bible Study (LBS) of our own at a later date.  It will include practice sessions on how to facilitate our own LBS in the household.
However, if you would like to drive up to Maryland for the authentic first-hand teaching you are invited to attend in Maryland.
Let Noel or myself know your intentions to attend.

Tim & Joy 704-938-7393
On Tuesday, March 29, 2016 6:44 PM, noel garcia <; wrote:
Peace be with you all,

Please forward this to all members.  The LBS is confirmed at April 9 Saturday at St Edwards the Confessor at 9 am.  WE should be done early in the afternoon.  We can have a second session at another location on Sunday but keep in mind that Bro Santi’s flight is at 5:50 PM Sunday at BWI. 

Please promote this event.  This is a good training for everyone and we can do an actual sample study as well.  Please forward this to whoever I missed.

Thank you all and we pray that we will see you all there.

God bless.

Noel and Julie.

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Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2016 12:02 AM
Subject: Liturgical Bible Study by Breo Santi From the Phlippines


We have the opportunity to get training for Liturgical bible study from Bro Santi from the Philippines. He will be in our area April 8, and 9 and returning to Houston April 10. 

In this regard, please reserve the date and inform all servants to reserve the date for Friday night and Saturday training.  I would suggest getting the training in Bowie if possible so that it is in the middle between MD and VA unless somebody else want to host this event.  WE should be inviting all of our members as well.

WE would also need to house bro Santi.  this is a good training for everyone as it provides a way to do bible study in the context of the liturgy every Sunday and some of us has already done the training but I think it would be great if other servants and members undergo this training from somebody else as well.

Please encourage everyone to attend. WE need a list of members that will be attending as well.

Thank you and God bless.  Please forward this to other servants that not in my list.

Noel and Julie


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