Tim & Joy
On Saturday, May 14, 2016 3:37 PM, JOY BRENNANKAN <brennankan@yahoo.com&gt; wrote:
I and my wife fully agree with your letter to Pat McCrory and the NC legislators.
We find the US Federal Government’s new manditory “Guidelines” to Public Schools and Universities; as far over-reaching and morally corrupt.  Their use of monetary force without even an attempt at public consensus or common sense traditional values is reprehensible.

 A person has a right to an expectation of privacy in public bathrooms or shower rooms for adults and especially the protection for children from undue (possibly) harmful influences contrary/outside of their parents responsibilities, control, or beliefs about sexual exposure.

Please persist with your efforts on our behalf to resist Obama’s (and similar of his ilk’s) progressive agenda of social manipulation against family values and Catholic teaching.

Tim & Joy Brennan
1608 Cambridge St
Kannapolis, NC  28083

On Saturday, May 14, 2016 3:03 PM, Tammy Harris <tmharris1217@gmail.com&gt; wrote:

Dear CPLAN members and Pro-Life Supporters,
In light of the current legal debate between the State of North Carolina and the Department of Justice, we feel that it is our moral responsibility to issue a statement to our legislatures that shows support for the current public access provisions as stated in House Bill 2 (HB2)  We feel that this Pro-Life organization, along with other Catholic and Christian institutions, has an ethical obligation to back our representatives and give a voice to those who disagree with the DOJ and the Obama Administration  
Please read the attached letter that will soon be sent to our Governor McCrory, Lieutenant Governor Forest, and Representative Bishop.  This letter was drafted by the C-PLAN legislative team. 
If you agree with the contents of the letter, we invite you to join us as a signatory.  To add your name to our letter, please reply to me by Monday May 16th at 9pm with your name and your city.
Thank you, 
Tammy Harris, CPLAN

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