“One In Christ” CFC-FFL  North Carolina Assembly 02/19/2017 Sunday with Ben Waga. Starts at 2:30PM

Ben Waga, is the CFC-FFL East Coast Servant Leader; which includes NC area.  The work he is doing for CFC-FFL USA is a huge Holy Spirit driven responsibility and a loving sacrifice.  He has wanted to visit us in NC and has several times tried to schedule time to do so.  So now he is coming this weekend as you know!!!  I can say that we are excited for him to come and so very pleased he could share his discipleship to Jesus with us. 
Arrival:   (Friday)
Flight 1451 American Airlines, 
ETA Charlotte (CLT) 10:23 AM  Fri., Feb 17.
Departure:  (Monday)
Flight 2007 American Airlines
          Leaving 7:35 AM   Mon., Feb 20, 2017, from Charlotte (CLT)

  • Everyone is warmly invited to attend this very important visit from Ben Waga.  Please make every attempt to attend, even should you not come every time to the Assembly due to work schedules or other family concerns.   Also hang around Ben as much as possible to gain any wisdom he can impart !!!
  • Pot Luck.  Please co-ordinate in the household who brings what? ..  Joy to organize .. so contact her and she will try to get with what might be needed.
  • 2:30   Set-up and greeting and Opening Prayer 
  • 3:00  Divine Mercy devotion :  Tim
  • 3:12   Worship :  songs by Francis and Ed
  • 3:25   Ben Waga topic #1 (35 minutes)
  • 4:00  Break and Stretch
  • 4:15   Ben Waga Topics #2 & #3 (30 minutes or as needed)
  • 4:35 ~  Blessing of the food and Dinner.
  • 5:45   Clean-Up
*     *     *
Keep apace with the vision for massive evangelization and mainstreaming Catholic lay evangelization:  read the Servant Generals     Newsletters.
Tim & Joy, area servants, 


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