Good morning Brothers and Sisters!
I hope everyone had a good nights rest. I am emailing all of you to ask for your inputs and suggestions regarding our upcoming Christmas Party on Dec 6. 
So far, these are what i have: 
Venue: St. Joseph Activity Center
Time: 2pm onwards ( includes set-up and clean-up)
Attire: Sunday’s best? (Any suggestions?)
Praise & Worship: Bro. Francis & Sis Dette
End of year recap and short talk: Bro. Tim Brennan (includes blessing of the food)
Food: potluck ( bring your BEST FOOD forward 😋) 
           Sister Carmen- can you be the food coordinator please?
                                      And please include food utensils/serving         wares,spoons,food warmers etc…
Music Ministry: the Baltazars ( if you can please coordinate with Sis Marie with the games so we have like a “musical scoring” sort of background? while the games are ongoing
also there will be dancing,line dancing etc. and if you want to give us a sample of your new song/album that would be great 👍🏼)
Photo/Video: Bro. Lito Asibal (my forever❤️! Charot!) 
                        Everyone is also welcome to do video/photo, selfie,grouphie…if you want
Games: Sis. Marie Landucci ( for the prizes please let us know ahead of time how many do you need- prizes for kids, for adults, for a couple or for a group?)
Set-up and clean-up: everyone ( there will be a prize for the early bird- a brand new car maybe? 😉) 
if you have any Christmas decor we can use please feel free to bring it- Belen, Christmas Tree, Christmas themed table toppers, tablecloth , lights etc…
Also as what we have been practicing for some years? now, we will not be having an exchange gift portion,instead we will have a gift offering to the birthday celebrant- Our Lord Jesus Christ, so you can bring any gift you want, cash,check, maybe even flowers,candles or anything since all these will be donated to the less fortunate children of the parish and/or to St. Joseph Church 
(Sis. Carmen, please correct me if i am wrong ok)
And last but not the least: Bro. Nestor and Bro. Mike Zaldivar- will you be the hosts of the party?
Please feel free to correct, suggest ,give your opinions and reactions and let us all pray for a beautiful weather that day so we’ll have a fun-filled celebration. 
Keep warm everyone!
Naomi Asibal
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